Neasberry Nectar Goodness Heading

Naseberry Nectar Goodness in a Poster!

Naseberry Poster Goodness! | Typography Sometime back I saw a Russian poster on fruit, with a photo edited style. I said this looks really nice, but you’d never find any information like that in a design about fruits native to […]

Business-Cards Thumbnail

Business-Card Print Material with Moo

Business-Card | Print Material | Branding Creating print material with Inkscape gives you a great feeling. Just to see the product in your hand. That physical presence that represents your digital design is magical. And interestingly, this month has been […]

Inkscape development Build Thumbnail

Inkscape Development Builds and The Importance of Giving Back

Development Builds: I love Inkscape so much; it integrates seamlessly into my life. Inkscape fits so well in fact, my mind can no longer distinguish between the date I acquired the program and my date of birth. It works and […]

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About me

The Golden Ribbon is the name given to the designer Phillip Taylor from Jamaica that specializes in Infographics and Typography. The Golden Ribbon Primary uses open-source tools to do his work: Inkscape, Blender, Gimp and Font-Forge, amongst others. Already an advocate for Inkscape.


Hand lettering
Data Vizualization
Ebook Design
Vector Illustration