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One Step At a Time

Touchstones Poster

Poster | Illustration | Typography Inkscape and Gimp. This piece is actually a combination of two previous designs I had done. So I revised the designs and realized they looked great together in a poster. see the whole project here: http://www.grtuts.com/portfolio-typography.html/#dreamLicence: Creative Commons Share-alike

Ebola Infographic

Infographic  |  Illustration  |  Medical Medical Illustration. This an info graphic on the average time line of Ebola in a patient. The infographic was made to be clean open and legible for practical use. The icons and angled shadows add a modern touch to the…

Sticking with your Strengths

Infographic  |  Corporate  |  Motivational This is an Infographic on the importance of sticking with your strengths. This infographic was comprised of a chapter in the book Dare to Dream by John C Maxwell. This infographic shows corporate style info graphics. Creative Commons: Share Alike

Day 4 – Advancements in Blender

This is a video discussing the advancements made in blender for tutorial creation and video techniques that adds a dynamic and cinematic feel to the content being delivered. It includes: 1. Advancements in the Golden Ribbon Logo Animation2. Progress made in VSE (Video Sequence Editor)…