Its not every day that you get the chance to post client work, however when you do, it is a site to behold. Even for me. I asked this client if it was ok for me to include this work in my portfolio and he agreed. This was an info-graphic done for @featureyoutube. I love the way it came out, and the client was pleased with the output.

The brief:
Design a Info graphic which is slick and eye catching, I want people to visit the blog and website. Designers will need to be able to create work which will be used to promote a product globally and in doing so lead to a successful sale. This is a great opportunity and if the sale of the product happens the freelancer who has designed the info graphic will be invited to any Google launch events in relation to the product, no financial rewards will be offered. If you have questions ask them I’m not a monster all I need is the best freelancer to design the perfect info graphic, only the best apply

The project Comment by Michael Knighly:
The work was quality and his desire to deliver the best was their, asked to be completed asap and it was, communication was very good and his honesty was what shone through paid to much refunded within minutes.

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