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This is a logo type of the Rastafarian terms “Ital and Livity”
Which encompass the fundamental experiences that separate the Rastafarian movement.

This one was unplanned, but I felt the vibes to create something short sweet and cultural. I’m pleased with the outcome and how its looking and I have already started creating other pieces to accompany it. Very exciting time. 🙂

Edit: Its not very short any-more lol.

Licence: Creative Commons Share-alike

Rasta Ital Poster

Here is an alternate poster design I did with the hand-lettering. All creation process done in Inkscape

Ital Livity Photo

Ital Livity

Ital 3 Branding Run Throught

Rasta Ital Logo Golden Ratio

Ital Logo Photo




Creative Commons Share Alike Licence
Creative Commons Share Alike Licence