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Free Culture and the Copy Left Licence

What the Graphic is about

I use the Creative Commons Share-Alike licence which borrows its attributes from the Copy Left Licence terms, for the most for my work. This project aims to help explain how the licence operates; its freedoms and its restriction as well as brief look into the background of the licence. It also doubles up as an Infographic display of illustration icons and type.

The creator of the licence is Richard Stallman. Foremost a Free Software Activist. Secondly a licencing and consumer privacy rights advocate in the digital space. His leadership for shared free content across the web exemplifies the cause that I champion for my work. I believe in a free shared culture as written in my manifesto. In fact Richard Stall is also friends with Edward Snowden.

Licence: Creative Commons Share Alike

Creative Commons Share Alike Licence



Copy Left Licence Infographic


Copy Left Licence Infographic Title


Copy Left Licence Infographic Handlettering Sketch


Copy Left Licence Infographic Alternative View


Copy Left Licence Infographic The four Freedoms and Mathcing Icons


Copy Left Licence Infographic Icon Set