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Creating the Indigicon 172 Emoji Icon Set

Project Name: Indigicon

I was commissioned to create 156 Emojis for an app celebrating Canada’s aboriginal community.

The job was initially to create 156 emojis but turned to 172 emojis later on. At that point the project was expanding rapidly and the clients needs with it. Human emotions, forest icons, animals, house structures and cultural items were covered in the set.  It was a really fun project that expanded my illustration skills. Moreover it forced me to become more observant and detail orientated. I love that I; I love the challenge. Similarly I loved the theme as well. In fact I had no idea there was aboriginals in Canada. Learning something every day, is what I’m about and this project stood to the test.

T-shirts were made, banners constructed and a Facebook-page was created. They even had a popular aboriginal Singer featured in the set.

Client Feedback:

Our freelancer (me) was wonderful to work with. He provided exactly what we needed and within the time frame promised. He communicates and takes direction and critical feedback well. If the need arises in the future, I know where to go for a reliable designer.

Licence: Creative Commons No Commercial No Derivatives



Indigicon Aboriginal Chief


Indigicon Aboriginal Happy


Indigicon Aboriginal Shock


Indigicon Aboriginal Sleepy


Indigicon Aboriginal Chief Happy 2


Indigicon Aboriginal Angree


Indigicon Aboriginal Sad

Indigicon Aboriginal Icon Set 1 Indigicon Aboriginal Icon Set 2