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This is a tutorial is the last tutorial on the perspective series for Alex. L. It does not mean that I wont be doing perspective again, just that I have full-filled his request for a detail look into Inkscap’s perspective tools.Tools used: Axonometric Grid, Snapping tools, Skew Transformation tool, Gradients, Dropper tool

Licence: Creative Commons Share-alike

Axonometric Projection is a type of parallel projection used for creating a pictorial drawing of an object, where the object is rotated along one or more of its axes relative to the plane of projection. Isometric is a type of axonometric projection.Isometric: 
In technical drawing an isometric projection is a drawing of an object(s) in which all 3 dimensions are represented. The Horizontal – usually – are at 30 degree angles, and the Verticals are – usually – complementary angles i.e. 90 degree angles.
In such cases there is no perspective vanishing point. Meaning the horizontal lines never meet and the vertical lines never meet.







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Creative Commons Share Alike Licence
Creative Commons Share Alike Licence