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This is part two of the perspective tools in inkscape, In this tutorial I utilize “node transformation handles” to create a simple but effective perspective illusion.
The last tutorial on perspective with cover grids and the Isometric wonder.In this tutorial I debute my new typeface family Tallawah translated from Jamaican Patios to English its means ‘sturdy’ or ‘strong.’ Its main feature is its geometric form and slab serif roots.
You’ll get more on that as it comes out, but I cant released it to the public yet as it has some optical bugs to fix and other styles to create. However it will be released under the “share-alike-licence. so no worries there.The tools covered in this tutorial are, path editor, rotation and fill and stroke dialogue box, alignment tool dialogue box, guides – a little bit of the snap tool, and gradients.

Licence: Creative Commons Share-Alike

Colours Used Hexadecimal Values

N.B. Remember for inkscape to add two ‘f ‘s at the end of the hexadecimal value to represent the 100% alpha (opaque) state of the colour.





Icons Used

Creative Commons Share Alike Licence
Creative Commons Share Alike Licence