Development Builds:

I love Inkscape so much; it integrates seamlessly into my life. Inkscape fits so well in fact, my mind can no longer distinguish between the date I acquired the program and my date of birth. It works and feels like a well oiled machine, whose engineers are numerous and credentials include psychic prowess and telekinesis. In reality however, the caped master-minds behind this mind-blowing FLOSS Vector-editing program are persons like you and me, that need a little help to keep the magic going. So how can we help them? One way, is through Development Builds.

Developmental Builds are pre-released Inkscape binaries packed with new features that will be released into the “trunk” of the next stable release. It was bred for a single purpose – to destroy the world of men, and to test bugs, mostly the latter. Persons like you and me test the day-lights out of these nightly builds to see if we find any bugs. Once you find one we report it to the Inkscape Development Builds Bug Report List i.e Launchpad Bug Tracker for Inkscape.

This is what inkscape itself has to say on the matter:

Your bug reports are vital for making Inkscape a robust and capable application. It is an important goal that each Inkscape release be stable, crash-free, and behave itself well. Bug reports from users are the primary means of quality assurance, as we rely on the Open Source principle of “Many Eyes Make Bugs ShallowQuoteInkscape

Here is how we can download the Development Builds and  report the bugs accordingly:

Development Builds and Bug Reports Infographic


If you prefer the HTML text however, (condensed form) read on:

Instructions for downloading the development build are:

  1. Navigate to
  2. Hover over the download tab and select development
  3. Follow the download installation instructions for your platform/operating system.

For the check list for submitting a bug report are:

  1. Title: Bug Appropriately
  2. Save Screen-shot/ or Screen-Cast
  3. System Data: OS, Language,  date…
  4. System Error Logs

The Link to the developer Mailing List: Link & the link to the Inkscape Launchpad Page to Submit the bug report: Link

Thanks for reading and good luck testing the development build and bug reporting!