This is my first motion graphic with blender. I really love motion graphics, it has been a passion I have been wanting to return to ever since I experienced it, and that experience was 5 years ago. On a HP laptop I learnt of Adobes ‘After Effects’ and I was hooked. However I knew little about the heavy demands it placed on my laptop and I soon discovered that I’d have to stop using it, but I knew one day I would return.
And here I am kicking the motion graphics train with a twist, a twist few have explored. Vector and Raster blended together with a touch of open design thrown in the mix.
Motion graphics in blender is awkward and tricky, but all true learning experiences have this faze. The process of not knowing builds and moulds us, helps us to become more. Sound familiar? All experience it, few appreciate it, even fewer rise above it, but growth cannot occur without it.
I need to practice a bit more to attain a cleaner, more diverse style of motion graphics in blender, but here is a piece of the pie that I’ve been cooking so far.
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“All experience it, few appreciate it, even fewer rise above it”