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Inspired by Jacob Millers original, redone by Chronixx Tenement Yard, this poster is about Patios. Where Patios is the name given to the language of the Jamaican people, whose roots descend from the African Niger-Congo Linguistic families similar to the origin of pigeon (spoken by Nigerians) . Culturally rich in flavor the language represents itself as a hallmark of the Jamaican people. Consequently it carries the expression and creativity of the people.

Some of the words and their meaning are listed below:


Patios Poster Mocked Up



Patios Poster Plane


Patios Poster Close Up


Patios Poster Plane Kibba Your Mout


Patios Poster Plane Popular Patios terms


Patios Poster TShirt



1. Kibba -> Keep

2. Mout -> Mouth

3. Wah gwan -> Whats going on?

4. Bunununous -> Delightful

5. Medz -> Meditation

6. Bun -> Burnt or to dump/cheat on someone (relationship)

7. Irie -> Nice, Feeling Good,