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Sticking with your Strengths

Infographic  |  Corporate  |  Motivational This is an Infographic on the importance of sticking with your strengths. This infographic was comprised of a chapter in the book Dare to Dream by John C Maxwell. This infographic shows corporate style info graphics. Creative Commons: Share Alike

Day 4 – Advancements in Blender

This is a video discussing the advancements made in blender for tutorial creation and video techniques that adds a dynamic and cinematic feel to the content being delivered. It includes: 1. Advancements in the Golden Ribbon Logo Animation2. Progress made in VSE (Video Sequence Editor)…

Drafting the Logo

Logo creation has been a major journey in this whole process of branding myself and becoming a recognized name. I realized the importance of a logo early on in my design career however, I never truly understood the importance of having a well defined and…