Info-graphic/Flat Design/Typography
Case Study:
Non Profit | Infographic & Poster | Nature and Wildlife
Create an Infographic and poster that highlights the dire situation of the orangutan population in Indonesia and Malaysia and relate it to “the evil of palm oil”  the colour scheme must adhere to the websites colours.
Information on our partner sites as well as are own should be sufficient. The infographic and poster must utilize a modern art style that is trendy and “head turning”. The time that we can allocate to this project is no more than a week as orangutan day is following week.
The Golden Ribbon Comments
This was a challenging project full of information to create an awareness poster and an info-graphic, for the Orangutan- Palm oil crisis content marketing for the foundation international. Highlighting the most critical problems as well highlighting a call-to-action.Challenges: This project challenged me to be more thoughtful with space, and pushed me to be more analytical with flat illustration. I found myself most of the time conceptualizing  the positioning of the text to seem natural, economise on real estate and at the same time make the infographic and poster look and fell like it was ‘designed’.

This Infographic spans strong slab style Typography and flat design principle illustration. Made 100% in Inkscape.

Licenced: under the Creative Commons share-alike


Creative Commons Share Alike Licence
Creative Commons Share Alike Licence