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This is an  Egyptian Slab humanist Typeface, inspired by Goudy Old Style and By the Gaurdian’s Egyptian Text. Created for the Golden Ribbon Brand Licence under the Creative Commons share-alike. 100% Inkscape vector creation. font forge used for kerning and organizing font.Creating a typeface for my brand is one of the most challenging projects I have ever undertaken. However the end results has been really worth it. I have always wanted my brand to have dedicated type behind it. It promotes a professional air to your brand as well as connotes a serious dedication towards your work. As stated in PDF I will be working on creating a sans serif accompanying Typeface to The Family of The Golden Ribbon.

PDF with font in action

This PDF is 100% created in Inkscape displaying the fonts use as well My brands: Representation, Manifesto and Goals for 2016

The Golden Ribbon Serif Font

Font Download, English only


Creative Commons Share Alike Licence
Creative Commons Share Alike Licence